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3 Early Stages of a Well-Drilling Project April 27, 2017

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3 Early Stages of a Well-Drilling Project, Elko, Nevada

Installing a well on your property is an excellent way to ensure a constant supply of fresh water, especially if you live far from the nearest municipal supply. Before moving forward with the process, your local well-drilling specialists need to ensure your property allows access to an adequate amount of water.

The First 3 Steps of the Well-Drilling Process

1. Determining Your Needs

Well DrillingA typical household uses seven gallons of water per minute. However, your family’s usage rate might not be typical. Before installing a well, your drilling contractor will want to discuss your water needs. You might need an additional storage option if you tend to use more than most households.

2. Assessing Water Sources

Although a residential well-drilling contractor will have the tools and expertise to locate the optimal source of water on your property, it helps to review local records outlining the technical specifications of nearby wells. These documents will help the drilling team determine whether your property yields enough water to justify the installation.

3. Choosing a Depth

If there is a sufficient water supply beneath your home, the well-drilling contractor will then choose a depth and casing material. Try to be as involved as possible during this stage of the process—the more you know about your well, the easier it will be to stay on top of maintenance and identify problems in the future. If your well pump fails at any point, the team performing the repairs will need to know how deep it is.


Are you thinking about installing a well on your property? Get in touch with the well-drilling pros at Fertig Drilling in Elko, NV. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured they will deliver quality work. Visit them online to learn more, or call (775) 753-7960.

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