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3 Creative Ways to Boost Your Property Value When Selling Your House April 21, 2017

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3 Creative Ways to Boost Your Property Value When Selling Your House, Red Wing, Minnesota

When you’ve decided you’re selling your house, you want to get as much of a return on investment as possible. The real estate agents at Lawrence Realty suggest many different types of home improvement projects to their customers to increase their property value. While many updates are now considered common knowledge, the Red Wing, MN, realtors suggest three creative options to consider before listing your home.

3 Updates to Consider Before Selling Your House


Wallpaper has made a huge comeback. Unlike the dated material of the past, contemporary wallpaper is created with the intent of being a design feature in a home and follows current home decorating trends. It's also an easy way to update rooms in a creative, fun, and aesthetically pleasing way. Try it out in a bathroom or laundry room to prevent the prints from being overwhelming to the buyer.

Update Your Garage Door

Every real estate agent will stress the importance of curb appeal, especially when trying to increase your home's property value. While many homeowners will focus on siding and landscaping, they often overlook the garage door. As long as your garage door is in working order, you don't need to replace it. Instead, consider painting it in a neutral tone that complements your home or in a brighter shade that matches your exterior accents. You can also use mirror-effect paint to create small squares near the top of the door to mimic the look of windows.

Kitchen Lighting

selling your houseLighting used to be seen as simply a necessity, but now, it is considered a design opportunity many buyers want to see. Not only should you change the lighting fixtures to designs that match the home’s overall aesthetic, but consider adding decorative lighting in cabinets, above the countertops, and in drawers, as well. This type of lighting is functional as well as desirable for buyers, and every kitchen update can increase your property value.

If you're selling your house, contact the agents at Lawrence Realty. The family-owned agency will offer home improvement suggestions based on their experience to help you get the most out of your property. Contact the team by calling their Red Wing office at (651) 388-4745, and learn more about selling your home on their website.

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