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Discover the Different Regions of Chinese Cuisine April 20, 2017

Dimond Estates, Anchorage
Discover the Different Regions of Chinese Cuisine, Anchorage, Alaska

If you love Chinese cuisine, learning regional differences will open your taste buds to a flavorful new world. You’ve heard of Mandarin and Szechuan cooking, but do you know their distinguishing traits? Anchorage, AK’s Peking Wok, the area’s premier Chinese restaurant, shares the differences, so you can make delectable decisions the next time you dine out.

China is one of the largest countries in the world, with a diverse array of cuisines to accompany every region. While every type might seem equally appealing, they do have their differences. The next time you peek at a Chinese menu, pay attention to the ingredients and flavors that distinguish regional cuisine, pick up those chopsticks, and dig in. 

Mandarin Cooking

Chinese-cuisineBeijing saw the beginnings of savory Mandarin cooking. Dishes range from simple to elaborate, with wheat as a common ingredient. Peking duck, a staple of Chinese cuisine, originated in this area, but that’s only the beginning. More decadent dishes include carved vegetables, so if you spot your carrots shaped into flowers, you know a high-end Mandarin meal is on the table. Popular staples, like pot stickers and Mongolian beef, also originated here, so it’s an easy place to piece together your entire meal. These classics are far less spicy than other traditional Chinese favorites, but they’re equally delicious. 

Szechuan Cooking

Known for its spicy, savory flavors, Szechuan cooking commonly incorporates chili peppers, garlic, and vinegar to stimulate the taste buds. It’s recognized as one of the most flavorful varieties of Chinese cuisine, with hot, tantalizing dishes that fulfill your spicy side.

It’s also common to notice pickled meats, a practice that keeps them well-preserved. Preservation and cooking methods combine to form some of your favorite fried dishes with a signature spicy taste. Classics include stir-fried varieties of meats, veggies, and noodles accompanied by peanut sauce. 

If you’re a fan of Chinese cuisine, stop by Peking Wok to sample all of your favorite flavors. With expert chefs serving up both Mandarin and Szechuan cooking daily, there are selections suitable for every palate. Browse the decadent Chinese menu to view the specials, learn more about the restaurant online, or call (907) 248-1648 to place your takeout order.

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