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Your Guide to Using Chopsticks to Eat Traditional Chinese Food May 4, 2017

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Your Guide to Using Chopsticks to Eat Traditional Chinese Food, Anchorage, Alaska

When you visit a Chinese restaurant, you may notice that instead of a fork or knife, you are given thin, wooden or bamboo sticks. These sticks are known as chopsticks, which are utensils used to eat traditional Chinese food. Eating with chopsticks requires some patience and skill, but with a little practice, almost anyone can learn to use them. Below, Peking Wok, a Chinese restaurant in Anchorage, AK, explains how chopsticks can be used to eat traditional Chinese food.

Your Guide to Using Chopsticks to Eat Chinese Cuisine

Which Foods Can Be Eaten Using Chopsticks?

With enough practice, chopsticks can be used to eat almost any form of solid food. Traditional Chinese cuisine includes foods such as noodles, dumplings, seafood, and rice. Despite the varying shapes and textures of these foods, chopsticks can be used to eat any of them.

How Do I Hold My Chopsticks?

traditional Chinese foodKnowing how to properly hold and grip your chopsticks is the basis for success when it comes to eating with these utensils. Start by holding just one chopstick as you would a pencil, an inch or two above the tip. Place the chopstick between your index and middle fingers, using your thumb for balance. Next, place the second chopstick underneath the first, letting it rest between your middle and ring fingers. Both chopsticks should be facing the same direction, with the narrow end pointing away from you and the wider end resting on the space between your thumb and index finger.

How Do I Move My Chopsticks?

Your middle finger will be directing most of the movement of your chopsticks. Using your thumb to help hold the bottom chopstick in place, grip the top chopstick tightly between your index and middle fingers. Slowly move your middle finger and up and down so the tips of the chopsticks touch. If the tips of the chopsticks cannot touch or your fingers are in the way, hold the chopsticks slightly higher up.

How Can I Practice?

If you want to get some extra practice in before trying to use your chopsticks to eat traditional Chinese food, you should do so. You may decide to purchase your own set of chopsticks, but many Chinese take-out restaurants include them as part of your order.

If you are in the mood for traditional Chinese food tonight, order take-out from Peking Wok, or visit their location on Dimond Boulevard. To view their full menu, check out their website, or call (907) 248-1648.

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