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Accelerate Your Car Audio With New Speakers for the Summer April 20, 2017

Ramsey, Bergen County
Accelerate Your Car Audio With New Speakers for the Summer, Ramsey, New Jersey

If your car’s factory stereo is starting to sound a little fuzzy—or just doesn’t deliver the audio you want—consider upgrading the speakers or adding a DSP (Digital signal processor) with auto time correction. With springtime tax refunds boosting bank accounts for drivers everywhere, the experts at Model Electronics say now is the perfect time to invest in audio enhancements.  

One brand that knows how to get world-class sound is JL Audio. Their new FiXTM 82 is a state-of-the-art digital signal processor engineered to deliver first-rate sound from factory audio systems. Need that perfect sound for your truck? JL Audio’s Stealthbox is the perfect fit, perfect look and perfect bass! And, of course, you can get both at Model Electronics!

As the leading car audio installation team in Bergen County, NJ, Model Electronics knows how poor sound quality can disappoint any driver. If you’ve put speaker replacement on the back burner, here are a few reasons to get sharper sound before summer arrives:

  • Add Reverb to Your Road Trips: Whether you’re riding out to the Jersey Shore or embarking on a cross-country expedition, you want your car’s sound system to be clear and crisp. When your energy starts to wane, the high volume of new speakers can energize you and entertain your passengers with a playlist of summer hits. You may even notice new elements of songs your old speakers didn’t pick up.

  • Save Money for Summer: When the weather’s warm, it’s natural to want to get out and do more—but that can get expensive. Before you think about blowing your cash on a new car with a better sound system, consider speaker replacement. High-quality speakers are relatively inexpensive, so you can refresh your ride without splurging on a car you don’t need.
  • Commute in Comfort: For working professionals, summer vacations may be nothing more than a dream. Fortunately, with a car audio upgrade, your commute to and from work will feel a little more like a brief holiday. From hands-free phone calls to podcast binges, new speakers provide the clarity you deserve. Specifically, most feature engineered internal cones, which direct sound far better than the standard paper cones in factory car speakers.

If you want to turn up your sound system before the temperature rises to meet it, browse Model Electronics’ speakers and auto accessories. Recognized for their low rates and high-quality performance, there’s no better value for car audio installation in Ramsey, NJ. To request more info or schedule an appointment, call a trusted technician today at (201) 961-1717. You can also visit their website for more information.

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