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4 Signs Your Child Is Ready for Nursery School June 19, 2017

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4 Signs Your Child Is Ready for Nursery School, Creve Coeur, Missouri

Enrolling your child in nursery school is a big step. You’re probably excited about the prospect of early childhood education and socializing opportunities, but you may also be questioning whether your little one is really ready. Lucky Lane Nursery School in St. Louis, MO, offers some expert advice on how tell if your toddler is prepared for nursery school from a social, emotional, and developmental standpoint.

4 Signs of Nursery School Readiness

1. A Sense of Independence

Your child will always be your baby. But as they get older, you will notice several signs of growing independence. If your little one is beginning to put on their coat and shoes alone, helps pick up their toys after playing, and is washing and drying their hands without help, this signals they will thrive in preschool.

2. Physical Stamina & Energy

A day at nursery school is filled with activities and fun, and all the action can be tiring for a young child. If your little one is energetic, ready to tackle each day with zeal, and starting to rely less on daily naps, that's a good sign preschool will not be too taxing.

3. The Beginnings of Concentration

nursery schoolAt nursery school, children often spend time doing activities like drawing, cutting with scissors, and doing puzzles. If your child already concentrates on these types of activities for a few minutes at home, that indicates their readiness for nursery school. 

4. Enthusiasm for Group Participation

Many nursery schools tend to have certain routines kids experience as a group, such as circle time and snack time. If your child happily participates in group activities, such as library story time or playdates, you can safely assume they are ready to enjoy preschool.

There are many advantages to early childhood education, and if your child is ready to begin, there’s no better time to enroll them than now. To find out more about the options at Lucky Lane Nursery School, you can call (314) 434-4462 or explore their website.

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