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3 Factors to Consider When Scheduling Commercial Truck Service April 20, 2017

Mount Olive, Morris County
3 Factors to Consider When Scheduling Commercial Truck Service, Mount Olive, New Jersey

If your business frequently uses commercial trucks, it’s important to establish a truck service schedule. At Hoover Truck & Bus Centers in Flanders, Toms River, and Cinnaminson, NJ, they understand the benefits of preventative care. By visiting this truck dealership regularly, you will ensure you’re doing everything you can to keep your fleet in great shape.

Not sure how often to schedule truck service? Keep these factors in mind:

  • truck serviceMileage: Most commercial truck repair specialists recommend bringing your vehicles in for basic maintenance every 15,000 miles. At that point, you’ll need an oil change and an inspection. Every 30,000 miles, schedule a more thorough service appointment. You want the repair team to take a closer look at your truck parts to assess whether or not they need to be replaced.
  • Usage: When deciding how often you should schedule truck service, consider what kind of wear and tear your vehicles have to deal with. For vocational trucks, miles are less important that engine hours.  If you are operating a truck with high idle time, a truck mounted crane or garbage truck for example; you should set your maintenance schedule with engine hours.  A good rule of thumb is a factor of 30 miles for every hour.  Consult your engines service manual, provided with every new truck, and contact your sales or service professional to establish a customized maintenance schedule.  The experts at Hoover Truck and Bus Centers recommend the use of engine data after the truck has been in service for a year to fine tune that schedule.   A vehicle that’s only put to use occasionally will require much less upkeep than one that’s used every single day of the year.  Regardless of use, a diesel truck engine should be serviced at least once a year to remove water and other contaminants.
  • Budget: You should definitely stick to the 15,000- and 30,000-mile rules explained above. But if it’s in your budget, service your vehicles even more frequently. It may seem like it costs you more upfront, but in the long run, you’ll boost your fuel efficiency and extend the life span of your vehicles, saving money as a result.  Today’s engines have much more complicated fuel systems and they run at much higher temperatures.  The service personnel at Hoover Truck and Bus Centers cannot stress enough the importance of clean fuel systems and filtration.  Additionally, the cooling systems require much more attention since they are now running at much higher temperatures and use more corrosive coolant formulations due to emissions standards.

If you need truck service in the Tri-State area, turn to Hoover Truck & Bus Centers, in Flanders, Toms River, and Cinnaminson, NJ. The pros at this truck dealership will help you create a rigorous and effective maintenance schedule. Contact them online to learn more, or give them a call at (973) 347-4210.

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