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Urgent Vs. Emergency Care: Which Do You Need Right Now? April 19, 2017

Onamia, Mille Lacs
Urgent Vs. Emergency Care: Which Do You Need Right Now?, Onamia, Minnesota

When a loved one gets injured or suddenly falls ill, you may be wondering what to do next. You want to get them treated immediately, but sometimes emergency rooms can have a waiting time. A number of communities have urgent care centers that will take patients without an appointment. So, which one should you choose? Mille Lacs Health System is a complete family health care center serving the residents of the Mille Lacs area in Onamia, MN, and we can help you tell whether your issue is an emergency or an urgent care need.

Emergency Vs. Urgent Care: How to Decide

When You Need Urgent Care

As a basic rule of thumb, urgent care should be used when you or a loved one needs to see a doctor but your condition is not life threatening. This includes situations where you have a fever or are vomiting; it may also include gastrointestinal conditions, and children and adults with flu-like illnesses, earaches, sore throats, or complications from colds.  If you can’t get an appointment at Mille Lacs Health System neighborhood clinic, but need medical care, Mille Lacs Health System Urgent Care, open daily from 8 to 8, would be your choice.  

Many people choose to visit an urgent care clinic if they are having a mild allergic reaction, which includes rashes, hives, or seasonal allergies. Additionally, patients suffering from sprains and minor lacerations can typically receive stitches or be treated at an urgent care center.

When You Need Emergency Care

urgent careEmergency rooms are often busy, and patients are treated at Mille Lacs Health System in a triage system.  This is where patients are seen relative to the severity of their condition. As such, many people only seek out emergency care for severe injuries or life-threatening issues. These include bone fractures, deep lacerations, and any form of uncontrollable bleeding. Patients should also seek emergency care if they are having trouble breathing, are having frequent or sudden seizures, have overdosed on drugs or medications, or are having intense chest pains.

If you are in the Mille Lacs area near Onamia and need urgent care, call (320) 532-3154 or visit the Mille Lacs Health System clinic at 200 Elm Street North. For more information on all the services they offer, from elderly care to chiropractic adjustments, visit their website.

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