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Hidden Calories on Seafood Menus May 18, 2017

Harlem, Manhattan
Hidden Calories on Seafood Menus , Manhattan, New York

Seafood is a delicious option for anyone watching their weight. Grilled fish, shrimp, and crabs make for wonderful low-calorie meals without sacrificing taste. Many seafood restaurants include the number of calories each dish contains, but these don’t always accurately reflect the actual calories you’re consuming.

Be wary of the following places where calories hide:

  • Butter: Lobster just isn’t the same without butter. While it might be tempting to dunk a succulent piece of lobster or crab in melted butter, many restaurants don’t count it when listing the calories in each dish.   
  • Tartar Sauce: Unfortunately, many menus don’t take tartar sauce into account when listing calories. One of the main ingredients in tartar sauce is mayonnaise, which is highly caloric. Try using cocktail sauce as an alternative if you’re worried about the calories hiding in tartar sauce.
  • SeafoodDrinks: Calories can slip by even the most diligent diner by way of drinks. Beverages, especially when they contain alcohol, are full of empty calories. If you’re watching what you eat, opt for water or sugar-free iced tea, instead.
  • Cheese: Your calorie count will be off if you order additions to your dish, such as cheese. For example, a menu might list how many calories are in a portion of French fries, but that number will increase if cheese or other toppings are added.
  • Portion Changes: Be aware calorie counts are going to change with portion sizes. If a restaurant serves more seafood or other cuisine than what was recorded on the menu, diners will consume more calories. Ask a staff member if you will receive the same or a similar portion as what’s listed on the menu.


Calorie counters don’t have to stick with the soup and salad at Lolo's Seafood Shack in New York City just because they’re watching their weight. The restaurant offers succulent seafood with a Caribbean and New England twist that will make you and your waistline happy. Get a taste of coastal comfort food by calling (646) 649-3356 to make a reservation. You can also order from their online menu, which includes surf and turf, ribs, and more.

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