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3 Reasons for Pruning Your Tree April 14, 2017

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3 Reasons for Pruning Your Tree , North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Given their size and how long they can live, it is easy to think of trees as permanent structures. However, they are living, breathing beings that need to be cared for in order to remain healthy. One way to keep them in good shape is by regularly pruning them. Pruning—or tree trimming—is the act of cutting some of the limbs off to improve its health, shape, or overall appearance.

Below, the arborists from Nelson Tree Co. in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, share a few reasons why you may need to prune.

1. To Remove Storm Damage

If a storm has damaged some of your branches but left the trunk intact, you're probably breathing a sigh of relief none fell on your home or car. However, this does not mean you’re completely safe. Branches that are cracked or broken as the result of a storm may still fall, potentially damaging property or injuring a passerby. You can avoid these dangers by pruning the storm-damaged branches.

pruning2. To Increase Fruit Production

When the branches of a tree show disease, they become unable to produce fruit. If left untreated, the disease from the sick branches can spread to others, eventually leaving the entire tree incapable of bearing fruit. Pruning unhealthy branches cause spurs to grow, allowing it to produce fruit again the following year.

3. For Aesthetic Purposes

Sometimes pruning isn’t about protecting its health; sometimes it’s about making the plant look exceptional. When the branches grow too large, they can make your tree look heavy and misshapen. This can also obstruct your view and create too much shade around your home. Having a professional arborist take care of the pruning will help improve its shape and overall appearance.

If you need pruning services for your tree, contact Nelson Tree Co. at (724) 863-7682. Visit their website to learn more about their tree care services.

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