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3 Fireplace & Fire Pit Safety Tips This Summer May 17, 2017

Kentwood, Kent
3 Fireplace & Fire Pit Safety Tips This Summer, Kentwood, Michigan

With summer in full swing throughout Ohio, you should be outside enjoying your backyard day and night. Fireplaces and fire pits make great additions to your outdoor space—as long as you use them correctly. Known for having the best selection and prices on patio furniture, spas and hot tubs, and barbeques and grills, Watson’s is your one-stop shop for outdoor entertaining. When you invest in fireplaces and fire pits, they will make sure you follow several important safety measures. 

3 Fire Pit Safety Tips

1. Position Your Fire Pit Appropriately

Having a fire pit in your backyard is both handy and enjoyable as it provides light and warmth for cool and dark evenings. For safe use, you must position your fire pit appropriately. Make sure your patio furniture is a good distance away, especially if your outdoor chairs have fabric cushions that could be flammable. Avoid positioning your fire pit underneath large overhanging trees and place it at least 25 feet away from your structure for safety. 

2. Avoid Using Flammable Liquids

fireplaces and firepitsLighting outdoor fireplaces and fire pits should be done with caution. Take note of the wind direction and avoid lighting it on a particularly windy day. Use commercial fire starters as kindling if you have trouble getting your fire pit started. To avoid the risk of a large fire that gets out of hand, do not use flammable liquids, such as lighter fluid or gasoline, to ignite your fire pit. 

3. Extinguish Completely

Once you’re done using your fire pit, make sure it’s completely extinguished before leaving it for the night. Use a shovel or water to douse the fire and dispose of the ashes properly before you use it again. 

If you’re looking for the best selection of patio furniture, above-ground pools, fireplaces and fire pits, stop by Watson’s today. Call (513) 326-1100 to speak with a helpful member of their team. For more information on their current inventory, including barbeques and grills guaranteed to make your home the perfect summer oasis, check out their website

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