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Is Pre-Washing Dishes Necessary? Dishwasher Repair Pros Explain May 19, 2017

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Is Pre-Washing Dishes Necessary? Dishwasher Repair Pros Explain, Elyria, Ohio

After a particularly messy meal, you’ll naturally grab the scrub brush to give plates an extra rinse before the dishwasher. Although this is a good way to remove caked-on residue, the team at Expert Appliance Solutions knows pre-washing dishes isn’t always necessary. Their knowledge comes from experience providing people in Elyria, OH, and the surrounding areas with reliable, affordable dishwasher repair, as well as additional appliance services.

Below, Ohio’s top dishwasher repair experts share four reasons pre-washing dishes isn’t needed in most situations:

  • Dirty Dishes Help Detergent: For the dishwasher to effectively do its job, dishes need to be dirty. This is because the enzymes in most household detergents are designed to attach to food particles. If you’ve already rinsed away leftovers, detergent won’t have anywhere to go but the bottom of the dishwasher.
  • dishwasher repairResults Aren’t Different: Pre-washing doesn’t make dishes any cleaner. Although you can thoroughly inspect dishes by hand, many dishwashers come equipped with modern features that can effortlessly do most tasks for you. State-of-the-art sprayers and sensors pinpoint residue, meaning your dishes will get just as clean without the time-consuming prep work. 
  • Conserves Water: Pre-washing dishes is an easy way to waste water. By skipping this step, you can conserve your water supply and cut down on energy usage. 
  • Saves Time: Pre-washing dishes not only wastes water, but it also costs you plenty of precious time. By letting the dishwasher do its job, you can spend time doing more fun activities.

Having a fully operational dishwasher is the best way to ensure plates and glasses get as clean as possible. For dishwasher repair or installation in Elyria, Strongsville, Wadsworth, or the surrounding areas, call (844) 423-9737 today. You can also visit Expert Appliance Solutions online to fill out a service request form. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook for news and announcements.

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