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3 Common Emotional Disorders April 12, 2017

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
3 Common Emotional Disorders, Juneau, Alaska

Emotional disorders are described as a disability that is often displayed as the inability to maintain satisfactory relationships, inappropriate reactions to normal situations, or unhappiness and depression. A child with one or more of these symptoms may have an emotional disorder and should visit a therapist to discuss these feelings or issues. Sondra Sexton-Jones, MS, CT, is a licensed counselor who has helped residents of the Juneau, AK, area for more than 25 years. She possesses a variety of specialties and has assisted individuals with family counseling, behavior disorders, and bereavement. 

Here, she discusses three common emotional disorders: 

  • emotional-disordersAnxiety Disorder: Most people deal with anxiety during day-to-day activity. Experiencing this is not a sign you should seek professional help since it’s a natural response. Anxiety becomes a disorder when it is a chronic response and affects the ability to function. In children, anxiety can be excessive, uncontrollable, and overwhelming; sometimes manifesting into an irrational fear of everyday functions. Common signs of anxiety disorder include constant worry, palpitations, poor concentration and memory, and inability to relax. 
  • Bipolar Disorder: Bipolar disorder is characterized by dramatic mood swings from highs of energy and happiness to lows of hopelessness and sadness. With help from a professional, these mood swings can be managed with medication and therapy. 
  • Conduct Disorder: Conduct disorder is an emotional disorder present in children and adolescents usually displayed as having difficulty following rules and not behaving appropriately in a social situation. Behaviors include aggression, lying, and property destruction. 

If you or your children are experiencing one of the above emotional disorders, consider calling Sondra Sexton-Jones at (907) 586-3313. Also visit her website for a full list of counseling services including family, grief, and children counseling. 

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