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3 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Auto Body Paint April 12, 2017

Polson, Lake
3 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Auto Body Paint, Polson, Montana

Your car’s exterior is its most prominent feature, so it’s crucial to keep up with proper care and maintenance—especially if you plan on selling your vehicle in the future. With this in mind, OHS’ Body Shop in Kalispell, MT, urges you to select top-quality auto body paint services that will restore your car to pristine condition.

If your ride is due for a refresher, use the following three tips to find the ideal auto body paint:

  • Manufacturer’s Recommendations: Often, your vehicle’s manufacturer will offer suggestions for the proper auto body paint type. Because of this, the professionals from OHS’ Body Shop always ensure they’re aware of manufacturer recommendations before offering suggestions for your particular make and model. 
  • auto body paintFunctionality: When choosing the proper auto body paint for your car, consider the functionality of your vehicle. For example, do you only drive your car sparingly, or is it used to commute to work every day and provide weekend transportation for the family? This factor should play an integral role in the paint type you choose, as the amount of use your vehicle endures will impact the wear and tear on its exterior. 
  • Color: Another important consideration when choosing the perfect auto body paint is color. You may choose to restore your car’s original shade or upgrade to a hue that compliments the interior. When shopping for the right color, keep function in mind. If you’re a contractor, white is not the best idea—unless you want to spend an arm and a leg on detailing costs. 

Whether you need a top-notch auto body paint job or glass repairs, the professionals from OHS’ Body Shop have your ride covered. Call them today at (406) 752-8202 to discuss your automotive needs. You can also visit them online to learn more about their impeccable services. 

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