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3 Reasons to Hire an Insurance Attorney April 11, 2017

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3 Reasons to Hire an Insurance Attorney, Ashland, Kentucky

If you have any reason to doubt the amount an insurance carrier owes you for a claim, you may want to consider hiring an attorney. Why? An insurance company is under obligation to its shareholders and investors to offer you the least amount of money legally possible. By hiring a lawyer at Williams, Hall & Latherow, LLP in Ashland, KY to mediate, you will have peace of mind knowing a zealous advocate is on your side. Here are three more benefits of working with an insurance attorney.

3 Advantages of Working With an Insurance Attorney

1. Collect the Full Amount

attorneyAn insurance carrier may try to convince you to agree to a sum for a claim directly, which, very often, will be a lot lower than what you are legally entitled to. A direct settlement based on an agreement between you and the insurance firm for a workplace injury, for example, can also have negative consequences for workers’ compensation and other benefits you may be entitled to. An attorney will find the best settlement option with the insurance company while making sure you don’t put your other claims in jeopardy when filing for government benefits.

2. Decipher the Legalese

Notices and correspondence from insurers are often written in confusing legalese. A lawyer can explain in plain English what written communications insurance companies send really mean. They can also respond to letters, emails, and other written correspondence in a way that will best protect your interests.

3. Figure Out Whether the Insurance Company Is in Breach

An unfortunate truth about insurance law and other related legal areas is that what is lawful and what isn’t are often unclear. An insurance firm’s lawyers know that, but you, as an individual, may not know when you have the grounds to dispute a claim or settlement without the counsel of an attorney. A lawyer will be able to inform you if there is room for negotiation or whether the insurance company is overstepping the bounds of the law.

With a lawyer’s help, you can make sure the insurance company pays what they really owe you and your family. If you need assistance, let an attorney from the law firm of Williams, Hall & Latherow, LLP in Ashland, KY, fight for you. Call (606) 393-4790, visit their website, or reach them via Google+

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