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Where Is Household Recycling Processed on Oahu? April 7, 2017

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Where Is Household Recycling Processed on Oahu?, Honolulu, Hawaii

Many people don’t realize that much of their rubbish is valid household recycling material because they can’t include it with their pick-up recycling—or perhaps they do know, but forget to look up local recycling centers. If that describes your situation, Ace Metal Recycling would like to share with you the locations of Oahu’s recycling centers, the types of household recycling they accept—and the ones who pay you for it!

Below are the different places across the island where people can turn in their recycling:

  • Island-Wide Compost & Household Recycling Centers: There are several Convenience Centers and Transfer Stations located throughout Oahu, some of which accept green waste (such as grass clippings) to turn into compost. Some of these centers will schedule regular pick-up service for newspaper, glass, aluminum, and plastic recycling, while others accept drop-offs only (such as electronic waste).

  • HI-5 Redemption Centers: If your household goes through a lot of bottles and cans, you can take them to various recycling and redemption centers throughout Hawaii to get back your bottle deposits. Check with the Hawaii State Department of Health for more information.

  • household recyclingScrap Metal Recycling Centers: While many items can be recycled, not every recycling center takes everything—much less pay cash for them. This is where recycling centers like Ace Metal Recycling can help: When you’re trying to dispose of your old kitchen appliances, auto parts, bed frames, and other scrap metal you can’t put on the curb, they’ll give you cash for it! Just let them know what you’re bringing, and they’ll provide an estimate for what your items are worth.

Have you wanted to get rid of your unwanted scrap metal or bulky items? If you’re interested in making a quick buck for it, give Ace Metal Recycling a call at (808) 847-3322 and let them know you’re coming! They’ll give you cash for auto parts, hazardous materials, ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals, and more. Visit them online for details.

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