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Is a Refinished Floor Better Than a Replacement? April 7, 2017

Manorville, Suffolk County
Is a Refinished Floor Better Than a Replacement?, Manorville, New York

The decision to refinish or replace your hardwood floor hinges on how many times it has been refinished. If the floor is ancient and has endured at least five refinishing projects, replacing the hardwood is usually best. However, if your floor is relatively new, and this is only the first or second time it will undergo refinishing, consider doing that instead.

Read on for three reasons to opt for a refinished floor:

  • hardwood floorPrice: The decision to refinish your hardwood floor is much less costly than replacing it. Refinishing generally costs between $1.50 to $5.00 per square foot. On the other hand, replacing your flooring costs $8 per foot or more. As such, a refinished hardwood floor is more cost effective.
  • Appearance: A newly-refinished hardwood floor gleams with its original shine. If you simply want to restore your flooring to its original glory and have no interest in changing the style of the wood, refinishing is ideal. It keeps the wood in great condition so it can last for years to come.
  • Time: A professionally-refinished floor takes very little time to complete. Replacing hardwood floors is often a more involved process, particularly if you are completely redoing the wood and need to compare styles and prices. A flooring company that specializes in refinishing will provide you with like-new floors in a timely fashion.


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