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Wealth Advisors vs. Investment Advisors: Know the Difference May 9, 2017

Covington, Kenton
Wealth Advisors vs. Investment Advisors: Know the Difference, Covington, Kentucky

If you are in search of dependable financial advice in Covington, KY, you might have questions about the difference between wealth advisors and investment advisors. To help with this, the financial professionals at Evergreen Advisors put together a quick guide to help you understand the differences. Offering a wide range of financial products and services to local clients, this firm is backed by more than 100 years of experience. Accordingly, they can counsel you on the best route to take based on your specific financial goals.

What Wealth Advisors Do

wealth advisorIn the most general terms, wealth advisors offer a solution-based approach to your finances. This entails creating a client profile that provides insight into long-term planning and which financial products would best suit these needs. Wealth managers also tend to have a greater understanding of a customer’s personal profile regarding finances and lifestyle. This results in a greater range of financial products at their disposal, which is integral to building wealth.

How Investment Advisors Can Help

Conversely, investment advisors are principally concerned with building the investment portfolio of their clients. As a result, clients are offered financial products based on the specific benefits that those options afford. There also tends to be fewer investment-based financial products available, which means they tend to be more limited. Sometimes these products can also overlap with what is offered by wealth advisors.

When it comes to your wealth and finances, Evergreen Advisors strives to help you meet and exceed your financial goals. Make use of their convenient online contact form, or call (513) 784-9150 today to speak to a Covington financial professional. When in search of a bright financial future, you need an advisor that cares about meeting your goals as much as you do.

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