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Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments Grow as Oral Health Trend April 17, 2017

Westminster, Adams
Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatments Grow as Oral Health Trend, Westminster, Colorado

It’s easy to see why Silver Diamine Fluoride treatments are becoming increasingly popular among dental patients. First, these specialized treatments can help prevent decay from worsening and/or spreading to other teeth in the future. Because it’s a less expensive option than having a filling placed, many dental patients are interested in alternatives. Silver Diamine Fluoride treatments are also growing in popularity among patients who prefer to avoid the dental drill. 

How Does It Work?

fluoride treatmentThe mixture is applied with a small brush to each tooth and can take effect within minutes. Fluoride is the active ingredient in this process, and it works to prevent teeth from future decay. The silver helps to strengthen teeth. The knowledgeable team at Smile Rockers, based in the heart of Westminster, CO, loves educating new patients on the process.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

While those who don’t want a filling could certainly benefit, Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment is also ideal for small children with excessive decay or kids who have difficulty cooperating while they are visiting their dental provider. Special needs patients may also be excellent candidates for this easy, pain-free procedure. 

If you live in greater Westminster, CO or the surrounding areas, and you’re looking for a dental hygiene practice known for embracing the latest trends in dentistry, including Silver Diamine Fluoride treatments, visit Smile Rockers. They are knowledgeable in many aspects of oral health, including teeth whitening, digital dental X-rays, and they proudly provide patients with this cutting-edge fluoride treatment. To find out more about their services, take a look at their Facebook page. 

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