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What Is Fiber-Cement Siding? Wentzville Contractors Explain Its Benefits May 1, 2017

Wentzville, St. Charles
What Is Fiber-Cement Siding? Wentzville Contractors Explain Its Benefits, Wentzville, Missouri

When you think about siding options for your house, fiber-cement siding might not be the first that comes to mind. It isn’t as well known as vinyl, aluminum, or wood siding, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for many homeowners. Moore’s Siding in Wentzville, MO, offers reliable home remodeling services throughout the St. Charles County area and will explain the benefits of fiber-cement siding and why it might work best for you.

FiFiber-cement siding Wentzville MOber-cement siding gets its name from its principal components: cement and cellulose fibers from wood pulp, though sand also might be added. These elements form extremely durable home siding that withstands many types of weather and resists fire. It also holds up well against fading and other effects of weather and time.

While its durability is a major selling point, homeowners love fiber-cement siding for other reasons. It’s a low-maintenance choice that doesn’t need to be painted as often as other siding types, and it’s also straightforward to install. These factors combined with the low price of the material make fiber-cement siding a cost-effective way to cover your home’s exterior.

While fiber-cement siding is practical and functional, it’s also attractive. This home siding comes in a variety of styles, many of which emulate classic looks like clapboard. The reduced need for upkeep means it will look great for years with minimal effort from you.

If you’re ready to have fiber-cement siding installed or would like to explore the option further, contact Moore’s Siding in Wentzville, MO. They offer a variety of building exterior products, including siding, stucco, and gutters, that will transform your home. To schedule a consultation, call (636) 327-7159 or contact them via their website. For more news and tips from their contractors, follow the home remodeling company on Facebook.

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