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Decorative Window Film: What Is It & What Are Its Benefits? April 3, 2017

Old Forge, Lackawanna
Decorative Window Film: What Is It & What Are Its Benefits?, Old Forge, Pennsylvania

If your business space contains a large number of interior glass partitions Sun Control Plus in Old Forge, PA, has the solution — decorative Fasara window film. For more than two decades, Sun Control Plus has offered residential and commercial tinting services to customers throughout NEPA and the Lehigh Valley area. They’re here today to explain the basics of decorative window film and the benefits it can provide.

What Is Decorative Window Film? 

Decorative window film is a glass finish, polyester film applied to the inside of the windows of a dwelling or commercial building. It comes in a variety of styles — some mimic the look of etched glass, while others look like rice paper or feature stripes and other designs. Decorative window film is an attractive and affordable alternative to more expensive solutions. It’s ideal for interior use in office environments, such as in conference rooms, private offices, lobbies, and glass partitions, as well as for exterior use in retail outlets and other applications.

What Are the Benefits of 3M Fasara Decorative Window Film?

Decorative window film is an extremely image attractive improvement over a plain glass. It mimics the appearance of more expensive glass and gives your home or office a stylish, elegant look. Solar window film is a type of window tinting that enables users to better control the amount of light that enters a building, which helps maintain interior temperatures and reduces the cost of air conditioning. It also minimizes UV damage to furniture, carpeting, and paint. Finally, it reduces visibility, giving users more privacy when used on the glass partitions of a private office, on a home's exterior windows, or even on the glass of a shower enclosure.

Sun Control Plus, the premier window tinting company in Old Forge, PA, offers a wide selection of tinting solutions for commercial and residential needs. Visit them online for contact details, or call (570) 451-1655 to speak with a friendly representative about your decorative window film needs.

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