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What to Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney March 20, 2017

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What to Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney, Cleveland, Georgia

A good criminal defense attorney, among other things, should lessen the effects of charges or accusations levied against you. They can also seek to reduce punishment. Jerry F. Lee Attorney at Law, a criminal and civil litigation lawyer in Cleveland, GA, knows what qualities a good attorney should have.

Here, he provides three qualities to look for when seeking a criminal defense attorney:

  • criminal defense attorneyRight Specialty: The type of criminal defense lawyer you need will depend on what is involved. Specialties run the gamut, ranging from minor misdemeanor moving violations to major felony cases involving white collar crimes. While some lawyers may have experience arguing tax fraud cases before federal judges, an attorney well practiced at defending DUI cases in local county courts could be the best fit.
  • Positive Reputation: A criminal defense attorney’s reputation counts for a lot. Look online for positive reviews of potential selections. Colleagues and trusted family members can also be a good place to start when looking for referrals for a criminal defense attorney. While contacting former attorney clients as references can be difficult out of privacy concerns, they are worth their weight in gold if you can get them for a particular lawyer you are considering.
  • Good Client Contact: A large part of selecting the right criminal defense attorney for your individual needs is subjective. Some clients may require a personal, friendly demeanor in their exchanges with their lawyer. Also, if you feel the lawyer you are considering is not effectively taking the time to explain the issues you face, why you should make certain decisions, and possible outcomes, you might want to consider finding another lawyer.

When you need a criminal defense attorney in northern Atlanta, Jerry F. Lee Attorney at Law is available to help. Call (706) 219-2460 to schedule an appointment, or visit his website for more information about his services.

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