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How Often Do You Need to Have Your Septic System Pumped? March 28, 2017

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How Often Do You Need to Have Your Septic System Pumped?, Archdale, North Carolina

If you’re a High Point, NC, homeowner with a septic system, you probably prefer to think about it as little as possible. However, if you don’t tend to your system occasionally, you could end up with a big, unpleasant problem on your hands. All septic tanks require regular pumping to prevent costly repairs, but how often do you need to have yours pumped?

As you use your septic system, solid waste settles on the bottom of the tank while liquids move to the top where they’re filtered through the leach field. If too much solid waste accumulates, it can start escaping into the soil absorption system and lead to a clog. And if the soil absorption system becomes clogged, you could end up with sewage backed up into your home and yard.

To avoid such a foul problem, it’s crucial to schedule septic tank pumping before the solids exceed a safe level. How often this needs to happen will depend on the size of your tank, the number of people living in your house, and how you use your system.

septic systemThe smallest septic tank size you’ll find in most homes is 900 gallons. While 900 gallons sounds like a lot, you’ll need to pump the tank at least every two years with a family of four. From there, it’s basic math: A 1,500-gallon tank serving a family of four will need to be pumped about half as often, but a 900-gallon tank for a family of six needs to be pumped every year and a half.

You should also consider how much waste is going into your septic system. If you have a septic tank at a vacation home you only visit during the summer months, you won’t need to have it pumped as often. On the other hand, a garbage disposal can lead to 50% more solid waste in your tank and you’ll need to schedule more frequent pumping to compensate.

To avoid expensive repairs to your septic system and leach field, it’s best to stay on the safe side and schedule a pumping and inspection every two to three years. If you have a large family or put heavy use on your system, increase that to every one to two years. Since your soil absorption system benefits from a rest period where no wastewater is added, plan your septic tank pumping before your family heads out for a summer vacation.


When you’re ready to schedule your septic maintenance, call the trustworthy team at Queen’s Septic Tank Service at (336) 434-1260 or visit their website. The company has served Guilford and Davidson Counties since 1986, and they’ll bring their professionalism and expertise to your home.

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