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5 Ways Technology Has Transformed Security Systems March 27, 2017

Downtown Columbus, Columbus
5 Ways Technology Has Transformed Security Systems, Columbus, Ohio

Security systems have come a long way with the advent of remote security monitoring and other new technologies. They make homes and workplaces more secure and allow increased flexibility when it comes to security management. For over 70 years, HSI Security has helped businesses throughout Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, OH, leverage security system technology with their comprehensive services, having seen firsthand how technology has completely changed the industry.

Top 5 Ways Technology Has Changed Security Systems

1. Remote Security Monitoring

It used to be that CCTV monitoring required someone to be in one location to watch the feed or examine it retroactively. With remote security monitoring, they no longer have to stay in one place. Plus, digital storage is significantly easier and more affordable and compact than older technologies.

2. Mobile Security System Access

Are you leaving town for an emergency or have another sudden change to your schedule? That’s no problem—even if you’re responsible for the security of another building. With mobile access to your security systems, you can lock up, view video feeds, call the authorities, or arm and disarm your system with your smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

3. Automation

Automation doesn’t have to end with the security system itself. Complete automation lets you control the lights, electricity, thermostat, sprinklers, and any other aspect of a building connected to your system. It’s the kind of technology that can save lives as well as protect property.

4. Heightened Security Credentials

remote security monitoringWith older-style security systems, your building becomes compromised if anyone learns your access codes or steals your key cards. But now, with modern access control technologies, you can utilize fingerprint scanners for high-security areas—making accountability easier.

5. Motion Detection Technology

If you’re in charge of high-value merchandise, motion detection sensors give you an additional layer of security. If someone makes a movement near a window, display case, or secure door, the sensor will alert you immediately and send a signal to the rest of your system, triggering an alarm or other appropriate response.

For IT security services and remote security monitoring solutions in Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus, you can reach HSI Security by calling (937) 479-6628. More information about their leading-edge technologies is available on their website.

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