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An Auto Glass Shop Lists 5 Fun Facts About Windshields March 23, 2017

Sunset Acres, Lincoln
An Auto Glass Shop Lists 5 Fun Facts About Windshields , Lincoln, Nebraska

Your windshield probably isn’t something you think about often, but according to the auto glass repair and replacement experts at Capital Auto Glass in Lincoln, it has a surprisingly interesting history. Below, they list their favorite five tidbits.

Lincoln’s Auto Glass Pros List Their Top 5 Favorite Facts About Windshields

1. They Used to Be an Extra Feature

When cars first came out, windshields had to be purchased as a luxurious extra feature, like today’s high-definition audio systems or rearview backup cameras. Most drivers had to wear goggles!

2. They Used to Be Insanely Dangerous

Before shatterproof glass, many severe injuries from car accidents would happen from flying shards of auto glass. Today, substances are added to the glass mixture that prevent dangerous bits and sharp edges and cause the windshield to stay in one piece even in a crash.

3. A Woman Invented Windshield Wipers

auto glassIn a major step forward for the auto glass world, a New York City woman invented the first version of windshield wipers in 1903, clearing the way for better visibility for drivers everywhere.

4. Windshields Are Part of the Airbag System

Modern airbags use the windshield as a bouncing-off point to deploy properly. Using a low-quality auto glass shop could result in incorrect windshield installation, putting you in extra danger if you crash.

5. Windshield Technology Has Come a Long Way

In addition to being shatter resistant, windshields now also have UV light protection, and some can detect rain and turn on the wipers automatically. Soon, they may contain augmented reality displays that can replace or add to the information on your dashboard.

Do you have a broken or chipped windshield? Consult the auto glass experts for a windshield replacement or repairs at Capital Auto Glass. Whether they’re fixing a small nick or a spiderweb crack, they’ll make sure your new windshield has all the same features as the original, and they back up their work with a warranty on all repairs. Call them at (402) 421-6653 for an appointment, or visit them online to learn more about the insurance claims process.

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