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Alcohol Treatment Guide: Common Symptoms of an Alcohol Use Disorder March 27, 2017

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Alcohol Treatment Guide: Common Symptoms of an Alcohol Use Disorder, Elyria, Ohio

Without proper knowledge of the symptoms, it’s hard to tell if your increased alcohol intake has something to do with a use disorder. That’s where the alcohol treatment experts at Psych & Psych Services can help by offering you a detailed overview of the symptoms.

These psychologists in Elyria, OH, have helped countless clients attain efficient treatments for alcohol and drug abuse. To help you begin your recovery, they share a few telltale signs you’re suffering from alcoholism.

3 Signs You Need Alcohol Treatment

1. Higher Alcohol Intake

As you keep increasing your alcohol intake, there comes a time where you can cross even the permissible limit and not feel buzzed. If you find yourself consuming larger quantities of alcohol without feeling its effects, you may be suffering from an alcohol use disorder. In general, having more than four drinks a day is a sign you’re past the stage of moderate alcohol consumption.

2. Listlessness

Alcohol TreatmentIncreased dependence on alcohol often results in people losing interest in their personal and professional lives. Over time, alcoholism can turn you into a completely different person, one whose life primarily revolves around getting intoxicated. Loss of appetite, little to no interest in intimate relationships, and a growing disregard for your appearance signal a need for alcohol treatment.

3. Withdrawal

You know your body is dependent on alcohol when you experience withdrawal symptoms as soon as the effects of intoxication start to wear off. Morning shakiness, nausea, anxiety, and depressive episodes clearly indicate you’re suffering from alcohol withdrawal and need a timely cure. With help from the alcohol treatment specialists at Psych & Psych Services, you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time.

With the experienced team of psychologists at Psych & Psych Services by your side, you can rest assured your alcohol treatments are in capable hands. For further information about their alcohol and drug abuse therapies, call (440) 323-5121 or visit their website

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