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4 Steps to Finding a New Doctor March 27, 2017

Valley View, Ashland
4 Steps to Finding a New Doctor , Ashland, Kentucky

When it comes to your health, choosing a new doctor is one of the most important decisions you can make. However, it’s not always easy to find the information you need to make an informed decision. The health care professionals at PrimaryPlus—a full-service medical clinic serving Northeastern Kentucky and Southern Ohio—understand that finding a new doctor can be challenging. Here, they offer some insightful advice to simplify your search.

How to Find a Primary Care Physician

A primary care physician is a doctor who handles basic medical conditions—like the flu or a sprained ankle—and can refer you to a specialist when necessary. This individual should serve as your go-to medical professional.

Here are four things to consider when choosing a new doctor:

  • Insurance: Before you delve into the details, check with your carrier to see which medical clinics will take your insurance. To receive coverage, your doctor must be considered “in-network.” 
  • doctorHospital Affiliation: Most doctors have an affiliation with a local hospital in case of an emergency. If there’s a facility you’d prefer to visit, find out if the physician you’re considering has privileges there.
  • Office Environment: It’s important to consider a doctor’s reputation and level of care, but you also need to like the practice as a whole. Don’t hesitate to talk to the office staff and ask questions. Do they save room for same-day appointments? What’s the average time spent in the waiting room? If you like the doctor but aren’t impressed with the office staff, look elsewhere.
  • Compatibility: If you’re not comfortable with someone’s personality, it’s hard to share sensitive medical information and private health concerns. Your ideal physician will have a bedside manner that aligns with your preferences. Make sure the doctor you choose listens attentively, addresses any concerns you may have, and explains your treatment plan in detail. Good communication is vital to your health.

Whether you need a pediatrician for your children or a new gynecologist, you’ll find top-quality medical care at PrimaryPlus. For more than three decades, this team of doctors has provided qualified family health care for clients of all ages. Call (606) 932-2271 to make an appointment, or visit the website for a complete list of medical services.

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