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Your Landlord-Tenant Law Rights When Faced With a Self-Help Eviction March 20, 2017

Central Islip, Islip
Your Landlord-Tenant Law Rights When Faced With a Self-Help Eviction, Islip, New York

Even though they own the property, a landlord who wants to evict a tenant from the premises must follow rules and regulations under landlord-tenant law. In the state of New York, this means no landlord can evict a tenant on their own. But what does a self-help eviction entail, and do tenants have any legal recourse? Attorney James D'Angelo, ESQ will provide answers; he has been serving the Central Islip, NY, area for over 25 years and will provide the details you need about self-help evictions.

Self-Help Eviction Defined Under Landlord-Tenant Law 

Landlord-tenant law Central Islip NYA self-help eviction is when a landlord takes it upon themselves to evict a tenant without regard to the procedures defined by local and state laws. Examples of self-help eviction include a landlord changing the locks on a tenant's doors, removing doors, or disconnecting heat, electricity, or other vital utilities. These eviction practices are illegal in the state of New York, and landlords could face serious consequences for attempting them.

A Tenant's Rights in Self-Help Eviction Cases

If a tenant is the victim of self-help eviction, they have the right to sue their landlord. New York courts could award a tenant up to three times the amount of requested damages in such a case. This underscores how important it is for property owners to follow landlord-tenant law and initiate the proper courses of action for legally evicting a tenant.

If your landlord is attempting to perform a self-help eviction, your first call should be to a landlord-tenant law attorney to discuss your case. They can advise you about steps to take in response and give you an idea of how your case could play out in court.

Don't let a self-help eviction violate your right to a safe residence — enlist the help of a skilled attorney. If you need a lawyer in the Long Island area, call James D'Angelo, ESQ at (631) 462-6908 to schedule a consultation. This Central Islip law office also provides assistance in family law and criminal defense cases. Visit their website to learn more about their services, and check their Facebook and Twitter accounts for more information about the practice.

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