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Trailer Rental Tips: Why Ball Mounts Are Crucial to Towing March 20, 2017

Sharonville, Sharonville
Trailer Rental Tips: Why Ball Mounts Are Crucial to Towing, Sharonville, Ohio

Need to have your trailer rental towed? This hauling task requires a complete towing system, including a hitch, receiver, couplers, and a ball mount. The ball mount connects the hitch ball to the trailer coupler when towing from the bumper.  

If you’re looking for a trailer rental in Cincinnati, OH, Smith Trailers and Equipment makes the process both simple and convenient. In fact, they have the largest selection of trailers in the Tri-State area.

Here, their staff explains why ball mounts are essential to trailer towing:

  • Match Height: Tow vehicles and trailers don’t always have the same height, which can make the towing process awkward and unsafe. Adjustable ball mounts grant flexibility by allowing you to match the height of the tow truck to the trailer.
  • Maintain Level: To prevent strain on the trailer and hitch, trailers must be level during the towing process. If they are lopsided or positioned at an incline, your risk of an accident will significantly increase. A ball mount with a built-in rise and drop is the best way to keep your trailer in line.
  • trailer rentalIncrease Safety: Towing a trailer can put undue stress on your vehicle’s driveline. To remedy this, opt for cushioned ball mounts that absorb bounce and vibration while driving. With these handy tools, your driving, hitch assembly, and trailer content will all be safe and sound.
  • Balance Weight: Excess weight can shift the balance of the towing vehicle to its back tires and cause the driver to lose control of the trailer. A properly assembled ball mount will ensure the appropriate weight distribution between the towing vehicle's front and back tires.

Whether you need hitch installation or trailer rental and repair, you can trust the towing experts at Smith Trailers and Equipment, Inc. This trusted company specializes in everything from axle replacement and coupler repair to trailer modification. No matter what you need, they will help you and your cargo arrive safely at your destination. Call today at (513) 755-2497 for more information, or visit their website.

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