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4 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney March 20, 2017

Kenwood, Sycamore
4 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney, Sycamore, Ohio

Dissolving a marriage requires both parties to navigate a complex legal system with high stakes, while also coping with one of the most emotionally and financially turbulent life experiences. While many couples without children or significant assets may be able to file a simple divorce on their own, most stand to benefit from the services of a seasoned divorce attorney.

A legal representative offers considerable advantages for divorcing couples, including:

  • divorce attorneyNegotiation Experience: Severing the legal ties of marriage require couples to settle a variety of issues, including child support, custody arrangements, and the division of marital assets. A skilled divorce attorney will know how to leverage these issues against one another to help clients achieve their long-term goals.
  • Objectivity: When emotions are running high, settlement negotiations often devolve into disputes over motives that prompted the divorce and the tensions that result. A divorce attorney can help clients remain focused on present needs and priorities, avoiding drawn-out conflicts over relatively minor issues. When allowed free reign, these arguments only make the process more exhaustive and expensive.
  • In-Depth Legal Expertise: To complete the process as quickly as possible, individuals facing divorce often agree to settlements that go against their best interests. An attorney will have an in-depth understanding of their clients’ rights, alleviating the stress of pursuing a fair agreement.
  • Protection From Abuse: Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one spouse to use divorce settlement discussions as an excuse to bully or intimidate the other. A divorce lawyer can protect you from these unpleasant confrontations, especially if you demand all conversations go through your attorney.


The team at O'Connor, Mikita & Davidson LLC have over 20 years of experience providing clients throughout Cincinnati with the unflagging legal attention they deserve. Visit the website for a complete list of family law services, or call (513) 793-5279 to schedule a consultation with an accomplished divorce attorney today.

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