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Learn How to Lead a More Independent Lifestyle From SOLO of America’s Adult Day Program March 20, 2017

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Learn How to Lead a More Independent Lifestyle From SOLO of America’s Adult Day Program, Kingman, Arizona

If you or someone you know has developmental disabilities, SOLO of America is a great place to turn for social services that are dedicated to cultivating independence. This Kingman, AZ, company provides a number of supportive adult day programs, including adult training, which is offered in a home-like, comfortable setting and is specifically meant to provide the tools needed to lead a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

adult day programThe primary goal of SOLO of America is to enhance their quality of life for those with cognitive limitations by encouraging skill acquisition. Individuals benefit greatly from the adult day program by being taught basic skills that are used in everyday life, giving them the opportunity to function and participate in their community at a higher level. 

A variety of activities are offered at the adult day program. These include cooking, cleaning, and other fundamental home living practices. Attendees are also taught health and safety habits, functional academics, and vocational skills. In addition, social development is promoted through communication and a range of recreational adventures. Adults can socialize in a public environment by going places such as parks and movie theaters and participating in sports, bowling, grocery shopping, and tours of local venues.  

Through the adult program at SOLO of America, those with developmental disabilities are given the guidance to master daily living skills so they can enjoy a successful, independent life. Contact the organization at (928) 681-2891, or visit them online for more information on this and their other available services. 

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