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3 Tips to Prepare Your Dog or Cat for Pet Boarding March 20, 2017

Wahiawa, Wahiawa
3 Tips to Prepare Your Dog or Cat for Pet Boarding, Wahiawa, Hawaii

Taking your dog or cat in for pet boarding for the first time can be a stressful experience for both you and your furry friend. For pet lovers, it's on par with sending a child off to summer camp, but there are a few ways you can properly prepare them. Pet boarding is one of many services available at Hawaii's Wahiawa Pet Hospital, and their caring veterinarians want to make sure everyone involved is ready for the big day. 

Tips to Prepare for Pet Boarding

Watch Your Pet's Diet Beforehand 

Changing your animal’s diet in any way before pet boarding is a bad idea. Most facilities will require you to bring enough of their food to last the duration of their stay, so the last thing you want is to upset their digestive system in the days before. You should also avoid overloading them with treats; you may feel guilty about dropping them off, but it's not doing them any favors. 

Plan Treatments Well in Advance

pet boardingOne of the key requirements for pet boarding is a wellness exam that has been performed within the past year, while pets over 10 years old will need to have had an exam in the last six months. Any notable medical conditions will be properly evaluated, and it's vital that their vaccinations are up to date before boarding.

For those in a hurry, this means you can't take your pet to the veterinarian to update their shots a few days before drop-off. Vaccinations tend to take several days or longer to kick into effect, so you should have all of your needs handled well in advance. 

Help Your Pet's Boarding Anxiety

Animals are great at picking up on their owner's anxiety, which is why you should maintain a positive attitude before boarding and try not to make a fuss out of packing their belongings and making other preparations. In the case of dogs, give them a chance to run, play, and get worn out ahead of the trip, and avoid lingering or prolonging your goodbye in any way.

Once you get your first boarding out of the way, you'll be amazed at how excited your furry friend will be for future visits. You can rest easy when your pet is in the comfortable care of Wahiawa Pet Hospital, which offers everything from standard kennels to cat condos. Visit them online for a closer look at their pet boarding requirements, and call them at (808) 621-7000 to schedule a stay today.

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