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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Port-A-Potty March 20, 2017

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3 Frequently Asked Questions About Renting a Port-A-Potty, South Fork, Missouri

If you are planning a large outdoor festival, wedding, or sporting event, there's one detail you shouldn't ignore—toilet rentals. Portable toilets—or port-a-potties—are convenient ways for your guests to use the bathroom as needed in a safe and clean environment. If you are planning to rent one or more port-a-potties, you may have a few questions. Below, Apollo Portable Toilets & Pumping Service, a portable toilet rental company in Mexico, Missouri, answers some commonly asked questions about port-a-potties rentals.

3 FAQ About Renting A Port-A-Potty

1. What Are My Toilet Rental Options?

There is a standard image that comes to most of our minds when we think of a portable toilet. That image is usually of a small, brightly colored booth with a bathroom inside. While these port-a-potties are indeed the most commonly used, there are other options available. You can rent toilets that are specialized for men, women, or children. You may also be able to rent larger port-a-potties that are handicapped accessible or ones that have hand washing stations. For large events, there are even trailer toilets available. Ask your toilet rental company about all of their options and select which one is right for your event.

port-a-potty2. How Many Port-A-Potties Will I Need?

When you call your toilet rental company to arrange your port-a-potty rental, discuss the nature of the event and the number of guests you are expecting. Based on this information, your toilet rental company will be able to determine how many port-a-potties you will need, and how large each one should be.

3. How Will the Toilets Be Drained?

Depending on the anticipated duration of your event and the number of guests you are expecting, you may need to have your holding tanks drained during the event. Your portable toilet rental company may be able to provide you with draining services on that same day. However, be sure to agree on a solution before the day of the event to prevent any messy and uncomfortable scenarios.

If you are looking to rent a port-a-potty for your event, contact Apollo Portable Toilets & Pumping Service at (573) 581-6306. For information on all of the toilets available for rental, visit their website to learn more.

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