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How Often Will You Need Heating Oil Delivery? March 20, 2017

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How Often Will You Need Heating Oil Delivery? , Netcong, New Jersey

When you make the switch to home heating oil, your supply company will inform you that you will periodically need your oil tank refilled. Although most heating oil companies can provide you with automated delivery services, you may still want to gauge how often you need oil delivered to your home to calculate costs and general usage. Below, the experts from Eco-Fuel Oil, a heating oil supplier in Netcong, New Jersey, explain determining how often you’ll need heating oil delivery.

Heating oil usage will inevitably vary month to month because you're more likely to use extra oil during the colder months. Throughout the months of December through February when temperatures typically stay well below the 30-degree mark, it can take around 4-5 gallons each day to heat an average-sized home. On days when the temperature can drop to the teens, your heating oil usage can reach over seven gallons each day.

heating oil deliveryA good way to determine how often you will need heating oil delivery services is by using the gauge on your tank. Find the average temperature for that month, and measure how much heating oil is consumed on a typical day. Multiply this number by 30 to calculate the number of gallons used in a month. Divide the number of gallons used per month by the number of gallons typically stored in a fuel tank (275 gallons in an average-sized reservoir) to deduce how often you will need delivery services.

It is important to remember that in addition to the outside temperature, there are a number of other factors that affect the frequency of your heating oil delivery. These factors include the size of your home, your indoor temperature preferences, how often you are home, and whether or not your water heater uses fuel oil. Because these factors along with outside temperatures can affect your heating oil usage, it is recommended you use the automated delivery service provided by your oil company. This ensures that you will never run out of oil, even when you are unable to keep a close eye on your heating oil usage.

If you are in need of heating oil delivery services in your home, contact Eco-Fuel Oil at (862) 209-4600. To place an order or to fill out their automatic delivery service form, visit their website today.

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