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Whether you need help getting started with an entry level hydroponic system, need help getting the most out of your organic garden, or need an extensive irrigation and lighting system for a commercial growing facility or green house, no set up is too big or too small. Grow Your Own, Denver, CO, has the products and expertise that you need to succeed!

Understanding the pH Balance of Plants in Hydroponics March 20, 2017

Denver, Denver, CO
Understanding the pH Balance of Plants in Hydroponics, Denver, Colorado

Since hydroponics involves gardening without the use of soil, ensuring your plants get all of the nutrients they need may prove to be a little more difficult. Keeping your plants healthy could be as easy as keeping their pH balanced, however. To help you understand how pH balance plays a role in the number of nutrients your plants are getting, the hydroponics experts at Grow Your Own in Denver, CO, offer the following wisdom.

Before you run out any buy test kits and other materials to help you balance the pH of your hydroponics, you must first understand what pH is. pH is the measure of acid or alkaline that’s in the water in your reservoir. If the pH is too high or low in your hydroponic or even your regular garden, your plants will not be able to absorb all of the nutrients that are necessary for them to grow and flourish.

hydroponicsMeasured on a scale from one to 14, for your plants to be successful in hydroponics, you’ll want to keep the pH somewhere between 5.5 and 6.5. Besides this general scale, you’ll also want to consider the type of growing environment that’s being used for your specific hydroponic garden as different materials may add different levels of pH.

Harder materials such as rockwool, perlite, recycled glass, and clay pebbles tend to have a natural higher pH value than other softer materials. Coco coir, on the other hand, may be an easier material to deal with as it’s natural pH level is usually around 6.3.

If you’ve been experimenting with hydroponics, you may have found yourself having some trouble with trying to balance the pH level in your plants. Luckily the professionals are here to help. Call the hydroponics experts at Grow Your Own today at (303) 990-1929, or visit them online for more information regarding all of their services and products.

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