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Why Staying Up-to-Date With Pet Vaccinations Is Vita March 20, 2017

Daleville, Amsterdam
Why Staying Up-to-Date With Pet Vaccinations Is Vita, Amsterdam, Virginia

Just like people, pets need to follow a regular vaccine schedule to stay healthy. Doing so helps protect both animals and humans alike. Today, the expert veterinarians from Pet Health Clinic will explain why staying on top of pet vaccinations is so important. They are one of the most trusted sources for animal wellness in Daleville, VA, and they are dedicated to providing only the best when it comes to pet care. 

Dogs, cats, and other pets should start their vaccine schedule once they are between six and eight weeks old. While six weeks may seem very young, it’s actually the perfect to age to start protecting against life-threatening diseases and illnesses. However, if you’re adopting an animal without vaccines, or your older pet still doesn’t have some of the necessary ones, it’s always better to get them later than never.

pet vaccinationVaccinating your pet against rabies, canine hepatitis, feline herpes, and parvovirus will help them avoid tragic and unnecessary health consequences—you could even be protecting them from an untimely death. Other necessary pet vaccinations protect against Lyme disease, corona virus, and kennel cough.

Some people believe their pet won’t be affected by dangerous illnesses if they’re inside most of the time. But airborne illnesses can slip through windows and are rampant in boarding kennels, dog parks, and grooming salons. Not only do you not want your pet to contract a serious disease; you also don’t want to be responsible for an outbreak. By simply staying on top of your pet’s vaccination schedule, you do your part to keep everyone protected. 

After your pet’s initial round of vaccines, you will need to return to your vet for additional ones in the series down the road. Make sure that you stay on top of your pet’s schedule by talking to your vet and making vaccinations a part of your regular pet care routine.

To protect your furry friend, get the vital pet vaccinations you need at Daleville’s top animal hospital. For more information about Pet Health Clinic, call a friendly professional today at (540) 992-4550 or check out the practice’s website.

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