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3 Ways Music Education Helps Children Thrive in Other Areas of Life March 20, 2017

Downtown Columbia, Clarksville
3 Ways Music Education Helps Children Thrive in Other Areas of Life, Clarksville, Maryland

From enhancing motor skills to improving test scores, music education provides invaluable lessons that go far beyond learning an instrument. The Suzuki Music School of Maryland in Columbia has been in operation for almost 30 years, so they understand the benefits of music education for children. They offer a variety of music programs that will challenge your child’s brain and expand their horizons.  

3 Ways Music Education Benefits Children

Improves Academic Skills

Studies have shown a child is more likely to understand core subjects in school if they were exposed to an excellent music education program at a young age. By learning rhythm and beat, kids engage in math skills like fractions, division, and recognizing patterns. Music lessons not only help in mathematics but assist in the development of language skills by enhancing a child’s natural ability to decode sounds and words. Music lessons challenge the left side of children’s brains, helping them become more verbally competent.

Develops Coordination

Music education Columbia MDMusic education also helps a child with their motor skills. Strumming a guitar, beating a drum, or even shaking a maraca entails a level of coordination. Many instruments, including the piano and violin, require the left and right hands to be used in different ways at the same time, which enhances a child’s coordination and prepares them for other activities, such as art and sports. When children learn to play instruments, they use spatial-temporal reasoning to understand the movements they need to make to create a particular sound.

Teaches Discipline

Kids are naturally excited and curious about musical instruments, but learning to play one requires focus and discipline. During music education, there are small details a child must pay attention to before playing a single note, such as learning how to hold the instrument correctly. To reach their music goals, children must persevere through many classes and hours of practice, and the self-motivation required to do this will serve them in other areas of life.

Music education teaches a student much more than how to play an instrument. If you’re looking for a program in the Columbia area that will help your child thrive in music and beyond, call Suzuki Music School of Maryland at (410) 964-1983 or visit them online, where you can learn more about their enrichment programs and instrument lessons. Like them on Facebook to receive updates from the school.

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