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Frequently Asked Questions About Siding Paint Projects March 20, 2017

Lakeville, Dakota
Frequently Asked Questions About Siding Paint Projects  , Lakeville, Minnesota

Over time, you may begin to notice your siding fading in appearance or starting to peel. If you do, you’ll have to decide whether to replace it or repaint it.

According to the professionals at T.K. Painting & Decorating, who have worked on a number of exterior painting projects in and around the Lakeville, MN, area, there are several reasons to choose the latter option. Painting your siding will be much more affordable, will add an extra layer of weight and protection, and will bring back the original luster of your home.

Below, the company answers a few frequently asked questions about painting siding.

4 FAQs About Painting Siding


1. What Preparation Is Needed Before Painting?

Regardless of the siding material you have, paint preparation is crucial to achieve good results. The surface should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and debris. If there is old paint, remove it before applying a fresh coat. Completing the prep work will allow the paint to go on smoothly and fully adhere to the surface.

2. Which Technique Is Best to Use?

Paint can either be sprayed or brushed on—many homeowners question which of these techniques is better. While spraying is faster, brushing generally turns out to be much neater. Painters usually use a mixture of the two methods, first spraying the paint to cover the surface quickly and then going back over it with a brush to spread it evenly.

3. How Do I Select a Color & Finish?

When choosing a paint color for your siding, there are some things to take into account. You will want to consider the architectural style of the house, the existing color and materials of the roof, other exterior features (walkways, patios, etc.), and the appearance of neighboring homes. The way a color looks will be affected by its surroundings and its sheen. For siding, low and flat finishes are typically best.

4. Should Painting Be Done in Certain Weather Conditions?

Exterior painting should be done while temperatures are mild and there’s low humidity. It’s also better to do it on an overcast day. Waiting for the right weather conditions can make a big difference in how well the paint goes on and bonds to the surface—it minimizes the chances of premature cracking or flaking.

When done properly, painting your siding will add instant curb appeal to your property and last for years. This is why it’s often best to leave the job to painting experts. Contact T.K. Painting & Decorating at (952) 210-5963, or visit them online for more information about the services they offer. 

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