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Dental Care: Why It's Critical to Schedule Checkups Every Six Months March 20, 2017

Waipahu, Ewa
Dental Care: Why It's Critical to Schedule Checkups Every Six Months, Ewa, Hawaii

It’s easy to convince yourself that brushing and flossing are enough for proper dental care and you can skip your six-month dental visit. However, complete oral health involves more than removing plaque and tartar from teeth, even for the best brushers and flossers. The dentists at Lisa Valderueda D.M.D., a leading family dental practice in Waipahu, HI, will explain why your health care routine isn’t complete without regular exams.

4 Reasons Proper Dental Care Includes Regular Checkups

Gum Health

To have a healthy mouth, you must have healthy gums. During your routine exam, a dentist will inspect gum tissue for signs of inflammation, recession, and gingivitis, which can lead to tooth loss. If they find issues, they’ll recommend a treatment plan and possibly refer you to a periodontist.

Head & Neck Exam

Dental care Waipahu HIYour dental exam includes a head and neck inspection during which the dentist looks for joint problems, unusual lumps, swollen lymph nodes, and other symptoms of health issues that go far beyond your teeth.


Some oral health problems stay hidden from view, revealing themselves only when they’ve become severe. That’s why you need occasional dental X-rays to allow your dentist to check for abnormalities concealed in the structures of your jaw and teeth roots.

Tongue & Bite Assessment

Dental care includes evaluating the state of your tongue and alignment of your bite. An unhealthy tongue can indicate many possible diseases, and bite problems can lead to shifting teeth, trouble chewing, and tooth loss. These are details only a professional dentist can detect and treat.

If you skipped your most recent six-month dental visit, call Lisa Valderueda D.M.D. in Waipahu, HI, at (808) 676-5711. With almost three decades of experience, their family dentists and hygienists provide compassionate, gentle dental care. From routine checkups to cosmetic dentistry, their goal is to keep you smiling. Visit their website to learn more about their team and the services they offer.

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