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What to Know Before Installing a Privacy Fence March 17, 2017

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What to Know Before Installing a Privacy Fence, New Braunfels, Texas

Keeping your home and family safe and secure is a big concern for homeowners. Privacy fences limit the visibility of your home from the street so nosy neighbors and potential burglars are less aware of the happenings in your home, and they also help protect your children and pets by keeping them enclosed in the yard. The fence installation experts at Shelton’s Outback Fence Co. in New Braunfels, TX, want you to know a few things about installing privacy fences before you make the decision to put one in your yard.

What to Know Before Installing a Privacy Fence

Zoning laws are important to research, as they can vary from town to town and neighborhood to neighborhood. Check if privacy fences are allowed at all, and then check the specifications on height restrictions and setback lines. Some areas may allow for higher fencing in the backyard than in the front yard. Also, if you live in a neighborhood with a home owners’ association, you must check to make sure the privacy fence adheres to their rules.

privacy fenceOnce you have determined if you can install a privacy fence, the next step is to establish where your property line ends. It is recommended that you install your privacy fence on the property line or just inside if it. Make sure you notify any neighbors that the fence will be going up to limit any property line disagreements and prepare them that construction will be happening near their yards.

Why Is This Good to Know?

Knowing what size fence you can install and where it will go can save you time, money and a few headaches. Starting a fence installation without the proper research can result in paying for supplies you can’t use, redoing or moving the fence, or reinstalling a privacy fence that meets the codes and requirements of your neighborhood.

A privacy fence will make your home and yard look the best it can, keep prying eyes away and help keep your family and pets protected. Now that you know what to look for before your fence goes up, trust the expert team at Shelton’s Outback Fencing Co. to install your privacy fence. Call (830) 608-4338 to schedule an appointment today or visit them online.

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