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Fathers Face Unique Challenges In Family Court March 17, 2017

La Crosse, La Crosse County
Fathers Face Unique Challenges In Family Court, La Crosse, Wisconsin

While the courts have made significant strides toward treating both parents equally in deciding custody arrangements,  fathers asserting their rights still face unique legal challenges. Whether a Father wishes to step forward and prove paternity or request a revised child custody arrangement, the complexity of the process often renders the process opaque, confusing and intimidating. In many cases, you may require the assistance of a father's rights lawyer with specialized experience to help achieve your legal goals.

Proving or Disputing Paternity

Paternity is a powerful relationship, with a wealth of financial and legal rights and responsibilities. Establishing paternity is the cornerstone of most child support cases, and may also be required in civil suits related to adoption, health care, and an extensive array of other cases. Because the evidentiary standards in each state are different, successfully challenging or establishing paternity often requires the experience of a skilled father's rights lawyer.


fathers rights lawyerEvery state confers automatic rights to the parent of a child, unless those rights have been terminated by a court. If you wish to challenge an adoption, or need to surrender your rights to facilitate the process on behalf of your children, an attorney familiar with the laws of your state can help guide you through the process. Their assistance will be especially valuable if your parental rights have been targeted for termination by the other parent or a government agency.

Child Support & Custody Arrangements

Every child has the legal right to material support from both parents, while you have the right to spend time with your children. Your attorney can help negotiate agreements regarding support orders, child custody, and visitation that will help you meet your responsibilities while ensuring that your own rights are respected. If the matter must be settled in court, you will need a skilled advocate able to represent both your interests and those of your children.


With over 20 years' experience and a reputation for providing highly focused, individualized attention to each client, the O'Neill Law Firm, LLC in La Crosse, WI, is committed to helping you navigate even the most complex family law matter. Visit their website to see all they have to offer, keep up-to-date on Facebook, or call (608) 519-3551 for a consultation with a father's rights lawyer today.

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