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5 Signs Your Parking Lot Paving Needs Repair March 17, 2017

Crimora, Augusta
5 Signs Your Parking Lot Paving Needs Repair  , Crimora, Virginia

For any business, the parking lot can be a gift—and a curse. When it’s clean, smooth, and clearly painted, customers will love parking their cars in front of your store or office. But when it’s riddled with damage, you could be scaring off potential profit. As the trusted parking lot paving contractors of Waynesboro, VA, Billy S. Young’s Blacktop Paving points out some situations where you should seek asphalt repair.

5 Clues You Should Fix Your Parking Lot Paving 

1. Cracks

parking lot pavingOver time, cracks will form in asphalt. If the cracks are small and caught early, they can easily be filled and sealed by a paving contractor. However, when the rifts continue to grow, creating an alligator-skin appearance on the pavement, you’ll likely need to have the whole surface removed and replaced.

2. Pooling Water  

After it rains or the sprinklers come on, water should filter away from the parking lot. However, if the surface is not level, water could pool and pose a risk to the surface. While these problems don’t always mean you need a complete parking lot paving job, it does mean you should look into new drainage solutions to divert the water or level out the pavement.

3. Potholes

Potholes aren’t just an eyesore; they can also be a big pain to drivers and damage their vehicles if the holes are large enough. This problem is a common occurrence when the soil under the pavement contracts and expands, usually after changes in weather. While small potholes can generally be repaired with ease, larger problems may require correcting the foundation and repaving or replacing the surface.  

4. Discoloration

Many things can cause the color of a parking lot to lose its deep, black asphalt luster. One of the most common causes of fading is weathering and UV exposure. However, with routine sealcoating, you may be able to delay the damage. Chemical and oil spills can also create unattractive spots on the pavement that can lead to problems beneath the parking lot. If this is a widespread problem, consult a trained asphalt paver to see if they can mitigate the situation.

5. Warping

Buckling and warping of parking lot pavement are usually caused by a combination of heavy vehicle use and a faltering foundation. Depending on the extent of the problem, your parking lot paving may just need a touch-up. In more extensive situations, it may need to be completely replaced.

By paying attention to these warning signs, you may be able to extend the life of your parking lot and avoid expensive damage. To help control costs, Billy S. Young’s Blacktop Paving offers reliable and affordable parking lot paving services throughout Augusta County. To schedule service or request a quote, contact these trusted asphalt pavers at (540) 949-0432.

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