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How a Quality Window Replacement Saves You Money March 17, 2017

Columbia-Tusculum, Cincinnati
How a Quality Window Replacement Saves You Money , Cincinnati, Ohio

Despite outdated single panes, dangerous cracks, and mold-prone leaks, some homeowners continue to put up with their windows’ problems. Still, others see window replacement service as an unnecessary home improvement. The experts from Sterling Exteriors in Cincinnati, OH, aim to turn the tides. Here, they explain how investing in new windows will save you money—both now and for years to come.

3 Ways a Window Replacement Benefits Your Wallet

1. Block Out Harmful UV Rays

Ordinary, untreated glass lets in plenty of harmful UV rays. These rays can suck the rich hue out of your stained hardwood, fade your leather couch, and weaken your blinds. By purchasing upgraded windows that deflect UV rays, you won’t have to worry about replacing your furniture, restaining your floors, or swapping out faded wall art anytime soon.

2. Preserve Indoor Air Temperature

window replacementOld windows don’t offer adequate insulation, allowing cool air to seep out of your panes during the summer months and hot air to escape in the winter. To stay comfortable year-round without spending a bundle on your energy bill, upgrade to energy-efficient windows. After a full-home window replacement, you’ll see a considerable difference in your utility bills. Within a year, you may have saved enough to perform a whole new home improvement!

3. Stop Leaks, Drips, & Condensation

If you notice water pooling on a windowsill or collecting on the inside of the glass, your panes are likely suffering from small cracks. This not only diminishes their ability to insulate, but it can also lead to water damage, uncomfortable drafts, and the steady infiltration of allergens. By replacing your windows today, you can rule out repairs and respiratory infections down the line.

To save money and stay comfortable, contact the professionals from Sterling Exteriors and ask about an energy-efficient window replacement. Call the experienced contractor today at (513) 685-8055, or visit the website to learn more.

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