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5 Common Commercial Ice Maker Issues, From Onalaska's Food Service Pros March 20, 2017

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5 Common Commercial Ice Maker Issues, From Onalaska's Food Service Pros, Onalaska, Wisconsin

If you own a restaurant or work in food service, you don’t want your commercial ice maker to break down on a busy day. If your equipment suddenly goes on the fritz, you need a reliable technician to get it up and running again as soon as possible. Schomburg Refrigeration in Onalaska, WI, has been providing restaurant equipment service and maintenance since 1945, so they can troubleshoot and repair issues with your ice maker to help you keep your cool.

5 Common Commercial Ice Maker Problems

The Room Is Too Warm

A commercial ice maker responds to elements around it, particularly the temperature. If the room is too warm, such as 95 degrees or higher, the ice machine will take longer to produce cubes.

The Ice Has a Bad Taste

Ice with an unpleasant smell or taste can affect the flavor of beverages. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. Bad-tasting ice usually means it’s time to replace the water filter. A commercial ice maker can absorb odors, so it’s important to change the filter regularly to keep ice fresh.

The Water Is Too Hot

Commercial ice maker Onalaska WIIf water pumped into an ice machine is over 90 degrees, it won’t freeze and often will cause your appliance to shut down; it’s your ice machine’s way of protecting itself. Check whether another piece of commercial kitchen equipment is sending hot water through the ice maker’s water line.

The Water Flow Is Low 

If your ice machine is producing cubes that are smaller than normal or misshapen, it probably isn’t getting enough water. Two things could be happening: a problem with the water supply or clog in the water line.

Water Is Leaking Inside

If water is pooling inside the ice machine, it could be due to a faulty valve. One sign of a water valve problem is very large ice cubes, which could clog the evaporator.    

If you need fast and reliable service for your commercial ice maker or any other food service equipment, trust the experts at Schomburg Refrigeration in Onalaska, WI. Call (608) 781-6614 at any time of day to arrange repairs, and visit their website to learn more about their products and services, including restaurant equipment sales. 

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