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Attorneys Answer 5 Common Questions About Personal Injury Settlements March 27, 2017

Gratz Park, Lexington-Fayette Central
Attorneys Answer 5 Common Questions About Personal Injury Settlements, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

Personal injury claims are one of the most complex legal cases, and if you’re pursuing a settlement, you’ll likely have a lot of questions to ask. The lawyers at Thompson Law Office in Lexington, KY, are here to answer common questions related to personal injury cases and the process.

5 Common Questions About Personal Injury

What Constitutes a Personal Injury?

Personal injury is when you are the victim of a workplace-related or accidental injury caused by negligence. In many cases, you’re entitled to compensation for damages, and this is something a personal injury lawyer will help you handle in court.

How Do I File for a Personal Injury?

First and foremost, your recovery is important. You should contact an attorney as soon as you’re able to. Then, the necessary paperwork, medical bills, witnesses, and other case-related evidence will need to be gathered. Based on this, a lawyer will begin building your claim and file for a court hearing.

Does the Settlement Cover My Bills?

personal-injury-thompson-law-officeIn the case of personal injury, a settlement is made that includes any medical bills and expenditures related to the event. This is to ensure you not only receive compensation for the accident but are also repaid for money spent recovering from it.

How Much Money Am I Entitled To?

In the beginning, many factors determine the value of your case. A personal injury lawyer will assess the details and pinpoint areas where you deserve compensation. This factors in things like medical expenses, any employment benefits that were lost, emotional damages, or future therapies or surgeries related to your injury.

How Do I Collect My Settlement?

Depending on if the defendant is the person responsible for your injury or their insurance provider, the collection method will be different. Insurance companies will often hand over a check for the full amount or establish incremental payments. If it’s a personal lawsuit, payment will depend on the defendant’s assets and ability to pay the full amount.

Don’t wait to contact a personal injury attorney if you’re a victim of negligence. Lawyers at Thompson Law Office work to achieve the best possible outcome and will help you through each step of the case. Contact them today at (859) 280-2222 to schedule a consultation, and visit their Facebook page and website to learn more.

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