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Are Organic or Cage-Free Eggs the Better Option for You? March 20, 2017

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Are Organic or Cage-Free Eggs the Better Option for You?, Byron, Wisconsin

The information surrounding which kind of eggs are the healthiest might seem like it’s continuously changing from one news source to the next. It makes it difficult to know whether organic or cage-free eggs are the better option for you. At Cranberry Country Market, they provide both types to residents of Tomah, WI, and they say each type has its own benefits.

What’s the Difference Between Organic & Cage-Free Eggs?

Cage-Free Eggs

organicAlthough it might sound like cage-free eggs come from chickens that roam free, this is not the case. It simply means they are not raised in battery cages, which are common with regular eggs and require stacking the chickens in tight spaces on top of one another. While cage-free does mean the chickens are out of these small cages, they are still raised in tight, barn-like conditions with little sun exposure.

Organic Eggs

Where cage-free concerns how the chickens are raised, an organic label explains what the chickens were fed. Certified organic eggs mean the chickens were fed an organic diet free from antibiotics. This helps reduce the number of pesticides people are exposed to from the eggs later on. Also, organic eggs tend to mean the chickens were able to receive more sunlight than most; however, that can vary by farmer and brand. Also, when choosing organic eggs, be wary of the label “organic vegetable fed” — while chickens do not eat beef, pig, or seafood, they do require bugs and worms to have a healthy diet.

Now that you understand a little more about egg vocabulary, you won’t be too overwhelmed by all the labels on the packaging during your next trip to Cranberry Country Market. Stop by today or call (608) 374-4944 to learn more about the eggs and other fresh produce they have in stock. You can also visit their website or Facebook page for the latest news and updates.

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