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5 Tips for Finding a Reliable OB-GYN March 17, 2017

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5 Tips for Finding a Reliable OB-GYN, Statesboro, Georgia

Gynecology involves the most sensitive parts of your body, so it’s crucial to find an OB-GYN who can alleviate both your physical and emotional discomfort. Ultimately, the right women’s health professional is someone you will count on for years.

Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a baby, looking for birth control, or striving to gain control of your reproductive health, the following tips will help you find the perfect specialist:

Reviews & Referrals

Research OB-GYNs in your area by scanning online testimonials. Find as many reviews as possible to gauge how each professional treats their patients, as well as what type of reproductive care they emphasize. If you don’t find someone you like, ask local friends and family members for referrals.

Personal Preferences

OB-GYNDecide whether you would prefer working with a male or female gynecologist. Some women have no preference, while others only feel comfortable seeing women. Either way, ensure your selected candidates have the experience and credentials you are looking for.

Similar Values

Find a gynecologist who values the same things about reproductive health as you do. If you are pregnant and want to experience natural childbirth, look for a doctor who promotes vaginal births and breastfeeding. If you need birth control, visit an OB-GYN who will explain each contraceptive in detail.

Emergency Appointments

Ask about the emergency services your OB-GYN candidates offer. Are they available on weekends? Do they schedule after-hours appointments? Find out when you can contact your gynecologist with questions or concerns.

Bedside Manner

It’s imperative you find a gynecologist who puts you at ease. If your OB-GYN does not leave you feeling safe and informed, it does not matter how many wonderful reviews they have. The right women’s health expert will strive to make each appointment stress-free.


Work with the talented, compassionate team at Ogeechee OB-GYN to maintain your reproductive health. The Statesboro, GA-based women’s health clinic has provided a broad range of services since 1966. Additionally, they are currently the only doctors in the area who perform tubal reversals. Call Ogeechee OB-GYN at (912) 871-6206 or visit the website to schedule an appointment today.

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