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Why Should You Get Auto Detailing This Spring? March 17, 2017

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Why Should You Get Auto Detailing This Spring?, Greenfield, Minnesota

As the cold of winter gradually thaws away, many people’s thoughts turn to spring cleaning. But have you included auto detailing and other car care tasks on your spring to-do list? As the team at Autoworks Collision Center in Rockford, MN, explains, getting auto detailing during the spring can play a key role in protecting your car’s paint job throughout the rest of the year.

auto detailingThe aftermath of winter is one of the top reasons why spring auto detailing is such an important car care task. In snowy areas like Minnesota, the rock salt used to clear roads of ice and snow can ultimately have a very damaging effect on your vehicle—especially its protective wax layer. When the salt isn’t cleaned from your car, it can gradually eat away at the finish, eventually leading to paint damage. Even when drivers take great efforts to keep their car clean during the winter, continual exposure to these corrosive elements can leave your wax in poor shape at the start of spring.

Without a protective layer of wax, your car is at a higher risk of UV damage and scratches, requiring you to get scratch repair or even a full paint job to restore your car to its original beauty. The relatively inexpensive investment in auto detailing will refresh your car’s wax layer, providing it with needed protection for the warmer weather ahead. By getting auto detailing during the spring, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s paint job is fully recovered from winter’s wrath and ready for the summer heat. 

 Autoworks Collision Center can help protect you cars finish and recommend what type of detailing service would be best for you and your car.Your vehicle is a large investment let us help you keep its value, it's what we do! " Autoworks collision delivering service restoring value" To learn more about the services offered by these auto experts, visit them online or call (763) 477-6653.

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