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What Belongings Should You Keep in a Storage Unit During Summer? March 20, 2017

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What Belongings Should You Keep in a Storage Unit During Summer?, San Marcos, Texas

To make the most of your home space, it’s a smart idea to put your belongings in storage when you don’t need them for a particular season. Bringing your winter items to an affordable storage unit for the summer will save you valuable room in your house.

As you contemplate how to give your home a little more breathing room this summer, consider stowing away these three types of items:

  • storage unitWinter Clothes & Gear: When the sun is shining at full strength, the last thing you’ll need is your winter outfit. Gather up your heavy sweaters, wool socks, coats, and scarves to clear out some space on the shelf for fun summer purchases. Additionally, taking winter equipment like skis and snow boots to storage will make your garage feel more open.
  • Student Furniture: If you have a son or daughter returning home from college for the summer months, you may need a storage unit for their furniture. Instead of clogging up your living room with an extra desk and chairs, it’s much more convenient to keep them in storage.
  • Holiday Ornaments: Whether you put ornaments on your Christmas tree or get into Halloween, the winter holiday seasons come with a lot of decorations. Since summer is light on large holidays, put these possessions in storage to ensure they’re safe until they’re needed again.


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