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Mulch Service: Answering Your Mulch FAQs March 16, 2017

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Mulch Service: Answering Your Mulch FAQs, Stuarts Draft, Virginia

Promote a healthy, beautiful garden with proper use of mulch. Review the following frequently asked questions about the gardening product before requesting mulch service through Ideal Lawn Care. The Stuarts Draft, VA, yard maintenance company provides the outstanding mulch services you need to increase your property’s curb appeal.

Mulch Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mulch?

Mulch comes in organic forms such as wood chips, pine needles, straw, and bark. It also comes in inorganic forms such as woven polypropylene landscape fabric, rubber, and rocks. It is used to retard weed growth, retain soil moisture, and prevent soil erosion. Organic mulches also provide extra nutrients to the soil.

yard maintenanceWhich Mulch Types Are Best?

The best type of mulch depends on your gardening project. If you are using mulch in garden beds, organic, dark-colored options are best. They break down slowly, look lovely against bright-colored blooms, and contribute to healthy soil. Inorganic mulches such as rubber and black plastic are not recommended for flower, plant, and vegetable gardens. They do not allow rain and sunlight to penetrate the soil and can cause the soil to overheat. However, rocks are ideal if soil erosion is an issue or you are creating a walkway.

What About Dyed Mulches?

Mulch made with vegetable dyes is generally considered safe for plants and animals, yet it decomposes at a slow rate and can interfere with the growth of established flowers and plants. Dyes also take nitrogen out of the soil, so new plants do not receive the nutrients they need. Additionally, dyed mulch is subject to a white fungus that harms shrub roots and tree trunks. Careful application and monthly cultivation are recommended if you wish to use dyed mulch.

When Should I Apply Mulch?

The best time to apply mulch depends on why you need it. Applying mulch in the spring following the warming of the soil is recommended for flower and vegetable gardens to provide nutrients and prevent weed growth. Late-fall applications are suggested if you are using mulch to keep the soil warm. Do so after the ground freezes to prevent rodents from taking shelter in your gardens. Two-to-three-inch layers of mulch are usually best.

Rely on the knowledgeable team at Ideal Lawn Care for the professional mulch service you need. Celebrated as one of Virginia’s best lawn care service options, Ideal Lawn Care provides the comprehensive yard maintenance that keeps your lawn and gardens looking lush and beautiful. Contact Ideal Lawn Care today at (540) 294-0212 to discuss mulch service, or visit the website for more about landscape maintenance and mowing services.

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